One of the ideas that kept me busy for several months was the kind of texture I wanted to have in the back of my pieces. It needed to be a design that both added to my illustrations, and added another layer of interest. After several attempts testing more densely patterned papers, I settled on this paper with whorls of cotton all over each sheet. The design is large enough not to compete with the illustration details, and yet gives a texture to the designs – which, when illuminated – separates them from the more tacky illuminated art I found online.

As a graphic designer, texture is very important to me. When used judiciously it adds interest and depth to a design. (We’ve all seen the heavy handedly applied layers of texture that make seeing the actual message somewhat difficult, and was eager not to head down that path!)

Handmade paper provided the perfect material for adding texture between the lights and the art. It is largely translucent, but where the pattern appears, it provides a restful, sinuous, pattern as a counterpoint to the more linear art.


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